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One day in 1950, Evan Jones saw a need. He had been watching his native San Diego spring up around him, fueled by the boom of the automobile, and he knew that there was a way he could help take part in this growth and prosperity. He had a vision that cities would soon require parking management programs, and he decided to provide that solution in the form of a new company, Ace Parking San Diego. Evan Jones founded Ace Parking San Diego in a one-room office, and in the beginning he managed one parking lot. From these humble beginnings Ace Parking San Diego grew, and continues to grow. Today Ace Parking San Diego owns or manages over 450 parking facilities across the United States, employing over 4,500 people and servicing an estimated 250,000 customers each day. Nonetheless, Ace Parking San Diego’s core values have remained unchanged from those on which the company was founded in that one room office: a unique mixture of smart business and neighborly friendliness that results in the best possible customer experience each and every time.

Ace Parking San Diego has kept it in the family, as well, with the current owner and manager both bearing the last name Jones. These Joneses are the third generation to run Ace Parking San Diego, and are continuing the tradition of excellence set forth by their forebears. Under their leadership Ace Parking San Diego continues to grow and expand its operations across the country, and keeps its motto always at the forefront: Every Thank You Earned.

In addition to its customer focus and family-owned charm, Ace Parking San Diego remains a well-run business with solid prospects for the future. And the company gives back to its communities in a big way, with a generous program of social responsibility including charity donations and community fundraisers.


Parking management company Ace Parking San Diego has grown over the years to become one of the top 5 parking management companies in the United States. Ace Parking San Diego now runs 450 parking facilities around the country, employing 4,500 people and serving an estimated 250,000 customers each and every day. That’s not bad for a company that began as a one office, one lot business run by one man, Evan Jones, back in 1950. But even after 60+ years in business, the leaders at Ace Parking San Diego have not forgotten their roots. As proof, take Ace Parking San Diego’s longstanding commitment to social responsibility in the community.

Ace Parking San Diego maintains an active role in each and every community where they have an active presence, including, of course, their native San Diego. Just last year Ace Parking San Diego gave a donation of $15,000 to the San Diego Police Foundation to help fund new bicycles for the police force. Ace Parking San Diego is involved in many other foundations, nonprofits and charities in San Diego and in communities across America, including but not limited to the American Cancer Society, the Navy Seals Special Welfare Unit, the Pro Kids Golf Academy, Ronald McDonald House, and St Vincent DePaul Society. Ace Parking San Diego’s involvement with these organizations goes deeper than financial commitment, as well; it is an extension of the company’s belief in maintaining a “neighbors helping neighbors” approach to doing business.

Social responsibility means that the companies who are having success within those communities owe a debt of responsibility to those less fortunate within the community. Such is the driving force behind much of Ace Parking San Diego’s philanthropic output. This commitment to social responsibility on the part of Ace Parking San Diego is refreshing to see in an era of increasing corporate greed and selfish capitalism.

At Ace Parking San Diego, professionalism and ethics take center stage. You can practically smell the professionalism exuding from the walls of the Ace Parking San Diego office in San Diego. Ace Parking San Diego is a company that does not treat its commitment to professionalism lightly. Professionalism has been a cornerstone value at Ace Parking San Diego ever since the company was founded by one man, Evan Jones, back in 1950.

Balancing out that professionalism is Ace Parking San Diego’s commitment to its clients, its individual customers. Ace Parking San Diego believes in a “neighbors helping neighbors” approach to business relationships, and maintains this approach even while its customer base and business holdings continue to expand across the nation. Now encompassing an estimated 250,000 customers per day, Ace Parking San Diego’s business mentality remains rooted in this neighborly vein. To that end, Ace Parking San Diego’s motto was, and always has been: “Every Thank You Earned.”

Keeping the balance between a solid professional manner and a neighborly attitude toward customer relations sounds like quite a challenge, but Ace Parking San Diego’s management and employees make it seem easy. Each day Ace Parking San Diego handles its 250,000 customers with tact and professionalism, all while maintaining the warmth and friendliness that made Ace Parking San Diego such a great success in the first place.

Ace Parking San Diego stands as a model for other businesses seeking to expand while maintaining a close relationship with their customer bases. It has been over 60 years since Evan Jones opened Ace Parking San Diego’s doors, and three generations of the Jones family have held the company reins since that time. Each successive year brings new opportunities and new challenges, and Ace Parking San Diego rises to face them, well equipped with the right tools: professionalism and great customer service.

Ace Parking San Diego is a company with big time vision. Anyone who disputes that would be ignoring the simple facts: started in 1950 as a one office, one lot parking management company by one man, Evan Jones, Ace Parking San Diego is today a national parking management leader, a top 5 parking company in the country, employing just shy of 5,000 people and servicing a quarter of a million customers per day. Growth like that does not happen without a vision for the future and an active plan for expansion, both of which Ace Parking San Diego have in spades. Even today Ace Parking San Diego is not content to rest on its laurels, but continues looking for new markets for growth and new opportunities to increase its brand recognition and reach.

Many companies in Ace Parking San Diego’s position suffer from “head in the clouds” syndrome; they get too big to think about the common man, their clients, the average customer, and end up focusing only on the bottom line, to the detriment of those they purport to serve. Ace Parking San Diego, however, is an exception. The company is still owned by the Jones family, now in its third generation of ownership, and still keeps the customer at the very forefront of all its activities and strategies. In fact Ace Parking San Diego takes pride in its customer first mentality, stressed in its motto “Every Thank You Earned”.

It is this unique combination of grand vision combined with an unwavering focus on the individual customer that gives Ace Parking San Diego its competitive edge, and has kept the company growing and thriving for over 60 years. Doubtless this one of a kind combination will serve Ace Parking San Diego and the Jones family now and for future generations to come.

Since 1950 Ace Parking San Diego has been serving the San Diego community, offering its unique brand of customer-first parking management, as embodied by their slogan Every Thank You Earned. Despite having expanded countrywide since those humble beginnings, Ace Parking San Diego has remained devoted to customer service and to a great customer experience. It is no surprise, then, that Ace Parking San Diego has recently been awarded with the Distinguished Service Award from the National Parking Association.

In 1950 Ace Parking San Diego was a one office, one lot operation run almost entirely by one man, Evan Jones. Evan started Ace Parking San Diego when he foresaw the need for metro parking management due to the automobile boom. He was right on the mark, and today Ace Parking San Diego has over 450 locations, with 4,500 employees serving an estimated 250,000 customers per day. Throughout this expansion and growth, Ace Parking San Diego has maintained Evan Jones’s original vision, keeping the customer firmly at the forefront of all operations and working hard to earn those thank yous.

The National Parking Association recognized the work that Ace Parking San Diego has been doing, awarding the company their Distinguished Service Award for outstanding customer service and performance. It is the latest in a long line of awards the company has earned throughout its 60+ years in business. Ace Parking San Diego has never been a company to take shortcuts, having earned every award and every success. Business isn’t always easy, but Ace Parking San Diego’s management has been able to maintain the focus on doing great customer service and keeping up the “neighbors helping neighbors” mentality that made Evan Jones’s company succeed in the first place. The Distinguished Service Award is the latest recognition that Ace Parking San Diego is still doing things the right way.

Ace Parking San Diego has always had its principal goal clearly in sight at all times. Founder Evan Jones made his motto clear from the get go: Every Thank You Earned. Evan Jones believed that the “neighbors helping neighbors” attitude prevailing in San Diego when he founded the company in 1950 should be a model for all business, and he made sure Ace Parking San Diego was founded solidly on these same principles. Despite having experienced tremendous success and nationwide growth since its founding, Ace Parking San Diego has remained rooted in the basics that got them where they are today.

Every Thank You Earned is more than just a motto; it is a company-wide philosophy at Ace Parking San Diego. What this philosophy means is that Ace Parking San Diego’s employees strive to make clients’ experience at Ace Parking San Diego facilities above and beyond that of other parking facilities. As they like to say, “Ace Parking San Diego does more than take care of cars. We take care of people.”

This philosophy has taken root in every aspect of Ace Parking San Diego’s business model, and has helped them grow and succeed at every turn. Ace Parking San Diego now encompasses parking facilities in almost all major metro areas, with an estimated 250,000 customers per day. With that kind of volume, many companies would begin to focus on the bottom line, losing sight of the people who got them there in the first place – the customers. Not so at Ace Parking San Diego – now in its third generation of family ownership, Ace Parking San Diego still believes, as it has since 1950, that without the customer there is no business. That’s why they will do just about anything to ensure that they earn a hearty “thank you!” from each and every of their 250,000 customers.

It may have been hard to imagine, looking in at Evan Jones in his tiny office in San Diego city center back in 1950, that you were looking at the beginnings of what would become one of America’s top five parking management companies. But that’s exactly what happened to Evan Jones’s little company, Ace Parking San Diego.

He founded Ace Parking San Diego in 1950 with the foreknowledge that the growing auto industry would necessitate good parking management, and he was certainly right about that. Ace Parking San Diego grew exponentially into one of the premier parking management companies in the area, and has expanded over the years to encompass the U.S. Despite its great success, however, Ace Parking San Diego and its employees maintain the same friendly, professional manner that made Ace Parking San Diego what it is today.

Being a Top 5 parking management company means Ace Parking San Diego has a lot of responsibility. Ace Parking San Diego’s facilities are in nearly every major metro area, and the company estimates that it services 250,000 customers per day nationwide. With that kind of volume it would be all too easy to become impersonal, concerned only with the bottom line. What separates Ace Parking San Diego from its competition is the fact that it does precisely the opposite. Despite constant expansion, Ace Parking San Diego has never strayed from its original mission to provide the kind of “neighbors helping neighbors” service Evan Jones founded the company on back when.

What this means today is that a customer parking with Ace Parking San Diego can expect their experience to go above and beyond that of an ordinary parking garage. Ace Parking San Diego’s website collects stories and testimonials from customers who have been pleasantly surprised by the great service they have received at the hands of Ace Parking San Diego employees.