Ace Parking San Diego

Ace Parking San Diego: A Third-Generation Family Company

Posted on: November 16, 2013

One day in 1950, Evan Jones saw a need. He had been watching his native San Diego spring up around him, fueled by the boom of the automobile, and he knew that there was a way he could help take part in this growth and prosperity. He had a vision that cities would soon require parking management programs, and he decided to provide that solution in the form of a new company, Ace Parking San Diego. Evan Jones founded Ace Parking San Diego in a one-room office, and in the beginning he managed one parking lot. From these humble beginnings Ace Parking San Diego grew, and continues to grow. Today Ace Parking San Diego owns or manages over 450 parking facilities across the United States, employing over 4,500 people and servicing an estimated 250,000 customers each day. Nonetheless, Ace Parking San Diego’s core values have remained unchanged from those on which the company was founded in that one room office: a unique mixture of smart business and neighborly friendliness that results in the best possible customer experience each and every time.

Ace Parking San Diego has kept it in the family, as well, with the current owner and manager both bearing the last name Jones. These Joneses are the third generation to run Ace Parking San Diego, and are continuing the tradition of excellence set forth by their forebears. Under their leadership Ace Parking San Diego continues to grow and expand its operations across the country, and keeps its motto always at the forefront: Every Thank You Earned.

In addition to its customer focus and family-owned charm, Ace Parking San Diego remains a well-run business with solid prospects for the future. And the company gives back to its communities in a big way, with a generous program of social responsibility including charity donations and community fundraisers.


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