Ace Parking San Diego

Two Men Named Jones: Ace Parking San Diego

Posted on: October 15, 2013

In 1950 a young entrepreneur named Evan Jones saw a need. The automobile industry was on the rise, and he foresaw that the fast-growing city of San Diego would need a parking management system in place that took care of their needs. With this idea, Ace Parking San Diego was born in a tiny office in San Diego city center, where it quickly flourished.

Ace Parking San Diego is now one of the top 5 parking companies in the country. Ace Parking San Diego has achieved this success with a special combination of corporate expertise and impeccable business ethics, combined with a down-to-earth, people-helping-people approach to customer service that has been the hallmark of Ace Parking San Diego’s brand for decades. Ace Parking San Diego’s motto is: Every Thank You Earned. It seems they are doing their best of living up to this motto each day.

Ace Parking San Diego now has locations and services across the nation, but has not lost sight of this philosophy of treating each customer like a neighbor. Ace Parking San Diego’s staff prides themselves on their dedication to customer service and their willingness to go the extra mile to meet customer needs. Despite the fact that Ace Parking San Diego locations service nearly 250,000 customers per day around the U.S., they have maintained a commitment to their motto of Every Thank You Earned, and they take it very seriously indeed.

250,000 customers means 250,000 thank yous earned, with the stress on earned. Ace Parking San Diego and its employees value the power of a thank you, and they recognize that these should not be given out at random. So if you are parking with Ace Parking San Diego, and you experience the great customer service for which they have become known, be sure to give them a hearty “thank you!”


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